Saturday, October 3, 2009


Rules are laid down for the guidance of wise men and the obeyance of fools.

Any half decent photographer will be familiar with the "rules". But to become a good photographer one needs to be able to break the rules.

My new exhibition will be at a size of 12 X 16 inches rather than my usual 12 X 18 inches. This will make the photos more square, which will not be as pleasing to the eye, but I don't really give a toss. It will suit ME because I can buy four frames for the same price as three this way.

I'm shooting for two exhibitions and two books as well. They'll probably not sell, but I really don't care. I'm doing these things to share my visions. I've cancelled a third book, as it seems to be close to impossible to find models who are willing to push the boundaries to create something DIFFERENT. No point in dwelling on that! Book cancelled!

I'm going to try to put more grit into my work. Up to now I've been trying to make models look "pretty". I don't think women are pretty all the time. I'm going to try to uncover the more sinister side to women.

That should be an interesting project...

And it should break a few rules too!

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