Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Irish food.

If you ask anybody on the planet which is the best food, they'll happily wax lyrical about the French, Italians, Greeks, Indians etc etc etc.
If somebody mentioned Irish or British food, you'd be inclined to picture them wearing a straitjacket, slobbering dementedly in a padded cell.

It is, after all, unthinkable that a sane person would ENJOY eating bland, stodgy, fatty slop!
But I think you'd be wrong...

Good, wholesome, fresh food, much of it organically produced, is my take on Irish food. Think about this. A veritable treat for visitors to the Emerald Isle is the local food. A full Irish breakfast, sausages, rashers of bacon, a couple of fried eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, maybe a potato cake, toast with REAL butter, all washed down with a cup or two of Barry's tea, laced with milk and sugar. Just the thing to get you sorted before heading off for a morning's sheep shagging or hill walking on a grey, rainy day.

Stop for lunch in some secluded spot. A crumbed ham and red cheddar cheese sandwich on soft, fresh white bread with a nice crispy crust on it.

And a steaming bowl of Irish stew for dinner, nice lean chunks of mutton with the freshest vegetables that God ever grew, or perhaps a creamy fish pie, with prawns and cod and salmon smothered in cream, nestling snugly under a crust of creamed potato topped with melted cheese. Yes, I hear you shriek. But its FULL of calories. A heart attack on a plate!

Maybe so. But it all tastes bloody good. And the odd bit of hill walking and chasing sheep around the bog in the rain works off a calory or two...

And give me a nice pint of Guinness any day over a glass of poxy, pretentious red wine.

The frogs, eyeties and ass bandits could learn a thing or two about cuisine from us Paddies!

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